Twenty Mortar Pyrotechnic Shells Stolen in Jackson County

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department is warning the public about the danger surrounding the theft of 22 mortar pyrotechnic shells.
The shells are used for large firework displays but they’re not your everyday fireworks. Only trained professionals should be using them. The Sheriff’s department fears if these fall into the wrong hands, someone could be seriously injured or killed.
David Spear has been working within the pyrotechnics business for over 30 years. His work has taken him all along the Coast where he puts on the majority of large firework displays. Spears tells News 25 that he is trained at what he does and is truly frightened at the thought of fireworks like these falling into the wrong hands.
“It’s horrible,” Spears said, “Someone could get very badly hurt with these things. You just don’t mess with these. They’re professional fireworks. They’re literally bombs. These have just got to be in the hands of trained professionals, not an everyday common person.”
When Spear is putting on a show, he takes multiple safety precautions to protect him and his crew. This includes wearing protective gear and igniting the fireworks electronically behind a wall of plywood.
Spear and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office fear anyone using these will not take these same precautions.
Sheriff Mike Ezell said, “So, we’re really, really trying to get the word out if anybody comes up some of this, please call the sheriff’s office. If you hear somebody talking about it, please call us.”
“You have the first explosion, which is the lift charge going off that normally projects the sphere, in this case about 4 or 500 feet in the air. Then a secondary explosion, sending out marbles to the distance of 200 feet in all directions. That could put your eye out, that could hurt you or some child very, very badly. This is bad news,” said Spears.

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