Turkish group to press charges against German nationalist

The head of a leading Turkish immigrant group in Germany says he’s pressing charges against a politician from Germany’s nationalist party for insulting Turks as “camel drivers” and immigrants with dual passports as a “homeless mob we no longer want to have here.”

Gokay Sofuoglu told The Associated Press Thursday that the Turkish Community in Germany is preparing charges based on discrimination and incitement. Sofuoglu said: “It’s high time Germans realize the danger coming from the far-right.”

Andre Poggenburg,a regional leader of the anti-Muslim Alternative for Germany party, or AfD, made the comments in a speech Wednesday in Nentmannsdorf in Saxony. Supporters shouted “deportation, deportation” as Poggenburg used vulgar expressions about Germany’s four-million-strong Turkish immigrant community.

The AfD was elected to Germany’s parliament for the first time in September.

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