Trump Victory hosts Mississippi Republicans to discuss senate confirmation hearings

Trump Victory hosted Mississippi Republicans on a press conference call this afternoon to share their reactions to Amy Coney Barrett’s first day of confirmation hearings.

Mississippi GOP President Frank Bordeaux and Mississippi U.S. Representative Michael Guest both spoke in favor of the confirmation of Barrett.

Guest emphasized that the Senate and the American people should focus on the main issue of if Barret is qualified to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court.

The representative then went on to list Barret’s accolades and that Barrett was confirmed to the seventh circuit in 2017 by way of a bipartisan vote.

This is what Bordeaux had to say when asked what has changed since 2017. “I don’t see that anything has changed. I think one thing that has changed is the Democrats are running from their narrative back then that it was bad that she was a Christian. It was bad that she was a mother, a working mother. Yeah, those two things don’t fit well in Mississippi whether you’re Republican or Democrat. We have a lot of strong Christian, hard working women and I do believe that’s the case across the United States and that’s why they’re avoiding that.”

Both Bordeaux and Guest also criticized Joe Biden and U.S. Senator Kamala Harris for not publicly stating their stance on packing the court if Barrett’s confirmation were to go through.

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