The True Meaning of Memorial Day

Many fired up the grills and enjoyed time with friends or family to recognize Memorial Day.

Today, News 25’s Victoria Bailey spent the day talking to former service members about the importance of keeping the meaning of Memorial Day in mind.

Crusaders for Veterans President Kevin Cuttill said, “Barbecues are great because now you’re enjoying the day who are still alive with you but take the time out five minutes or a moment of silence whatever and pay respects to those we’ve lost.”

Memorial Day is observed to honor the men and women who died while serving our country. Army Veteran Elfren Acosta said, “I joined the Army in 1990 when I graduated high school. I come from a large military family, where my grandfather was a World War II Veteran and he served in the Allied Invasion in Italy. My Uncle Raymond who also served in World War II and my dad is a Vietnam veteran and his two brothers and myself and my brother joined. He joined the Army National Guard and I went active-duty Army.”

Elfren Acosta served the U.S. Army 2nd Infantry Division. He says it wasn’t until his service he understood the true meaning of Memorial Day. “It’s just another three day weekend or barbecue and beach time but when I decided to join I felt a sense of needing to be a better citizen and it helped me grasp the importance of citizenship here more once I joined.”

Kevin Cuttill says Memorial Day will always be a day near to his heart. “We’ve lost two sons. So, Memorial Day to us especially because we have our own little headstones for them. So, we go out and we put a flag out there for him and we sit there and have coffee with them and talk with them. So it’s a special day where we get to actually, well we do it every morning, but the Memorial Day you clean it up, you make it look spicy, you put a little extra effort to it. So, you give your respects and your love for the time caring for them again.”

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