Truck slams into pole, causing power outage in Biloxi

The power is back on for residents and businesses that experienced an outage after a truck slammed into pole in Biloxi this morning.
The truck was turning in a parking lot off Atkinson Road when it hit the power pole around 9 a.m. Mississippi Power officials worked to repair the damage done to the power lines from the collision while Biloxi police blocked off the area.
The accident knocked out the power for many surrounding homes and businesses near Jordan Drive where a lot of residents live. Biloxi Resident Henry Vanegas said, “If elderly people lost their power for a long amount of time, that’s a real concern because they might not have care takers, they might not be able to get help. For businesses, it could definitely hurt their wallets. For residents, it’s just a huge irritant really.”
Police say no one was hurt during the collision. The power outage lasted just over two hours.

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