My Truck. My Rules. Mississippi Governor Candidate Launches Campaign After Backlash

My Truck. My Rules.

Robert Foster, Republican candidate for the upcoming race to be Mississippi’s next governor is sending a message loud and clear through a new bumper sticker campaign, and on Thursday started offering the tickets to supporters for a donation of $5 dollars or more. This new campaign is in response to criticism after Foster made a decision to refuse to allow a female reporter to ride alone with him in his truck on the campaign trail.

Foster says he stands behind his decision, one he says he made out of respect for his wife and to ward off any smear campaigns or allegations of impropriety. His decision made national headlines, with staunch points of view from both sides — those who believe the decision is discriminatory against women and then those who applaud his reasons for doing so.

A second of the three Republicans running for governor — Bill Waller, Jr. —  backed Foster’s decision earlier this week, saying he would also not meet alone with a woman because quote “appearances are important.”

Voters will decide which of the three GOP gubernatorial candidates — Foster, Waller or current Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves — will go on to represent the party in November general election once the August 6th primary results are in.


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