Tropical Storm Barry’s effect on algal bloom

The Coast has been feeling the effects of an algal bloom for a few weeks now, but the effects of Tropical Storm Barry have the potential to shake things up in the Mississippi Sound.

The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources is constantly monitoring the affected waters and will continue to do so throughout the coming days.

MDMR Executive Director Joe Spraggins says while we may see some change in the water along the Coast as a result of the storm, we’re not out of the woods yet. “With the churning of the water and the waves and the way it is coming and a lot of salinity coming with it from the Gulf itself, I think it will help break up a lot of the algae. My concern is if the water goes the way it is looking, goes up the Mississippi River, and we have that big influx of more water coming back that we may get to see more in the future.”

The department also says to exercise caution and stay away from the water this weekend.

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