Trick-or-Treating in Bay St. Louis

It may not officially be Halloween but trick-or-treaters were out in full force in Bay St. Louis tonight.
The city decided to celebrate the spooky holiday a day early due to the forecasted bad weather for tomorrow. The little gals and guys were in their best costumes knocking on doors and filling up their Halloween bags with treats.
Even though some families were disappointed about rescheduling the holiday, they didn’t let it rain on their parade tonight. Renee Ward, who dressed up as a zombie volleyball player, said, “I’m a zombie volleyball player because I like volleyball and I just wanted to make it scary. Knock on doors and get candy. Trick or treat!”
Many houses in Bay St. Louis neighborhoods went all out by decorating their front yards.
Bay St. Louis police barricaded the end of many streets for trick-or-treaters to roam the roads freely and safely.

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