Trent Lott Academy remembers Anna Logan

31-year-old Anna Burgett Logan died this past Sunday in a car crash. Logan was a fifth-grade teacher at Trent Lott Academy for five years and she went through TLA as a student.

She also recently married in October 2020.

Instead of dwelling on the heartache, Trent Lott Academy is choosing to celebrate the life of Anna with good memories and always remembering the positive impact she had on others.

Anna and the current Principal Melissa Pardue started TLA at the same time and they bonded over their love of the same Mexican restaurant. “She’s always been a precious soul, nice, kind, she loved her students. She loved her TLA family, she would do anything for the students that needed to be done and also anything you know that we ask of her. She was always sweet, always willing to be kind and do the right thing.”

Pardue continued, saying that anyone who knew Anna was positively impacted by her and that she was an angel on Earth.

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