Tree Planting in Honor of Loved Ones

Growth and recovery: that was the message of this morning’s annual Hospice of Light Tree Planting Ceremony at Singing River.
Families of hospice patients who have passed in the last year gathered together to plant an oak tree in their honor. Before planting the tree into the ground, sheets of paper with each patients name were placed into the hole. When the tree grows, its roots will grow around the names, forever etching them into the ground. This is symbolic of the way those patients will always be remembered in their families hearts.
Associate Medical Director of the Hospice Program Dr. John Weldon said, “Recovering from losing someone is a very difficult thing and it doesn’t happen quickly. It takes time. One has to work through grief and this is a very helpful thing for them and for us because the emotional needs of hospice workers are there, too.”
This is a ceremony Singing River holds every year to help families cope with their loss and serve as a reminder that their loved ones will never be forgotten.

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