Tree dedication for Lt. Michael Boutte at Bay St. Louis Historic L&N Train Depot

This afternoon, the Bay St. Louis community showed its support for fallen Hancock County Lt. Michael Boutte with the dedication of a 131-year-old live oak tree.

The Bay Waveland Garden Club, with the help of the Bay St. Louis City Council and the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office, unveiled a plaque dedicating the historic tree to Lt. Bouttee at a small public gathering including Sheriff Ricky Adam and Lt. Boutte’s wife.

The tree measures 12 foot 4 inches in circumference, 115 feet in spread, and it’s almost 70 feet tall.

Anita Warner from the Live Oak Registry of Hancock County and the catalyst behind the memorial was inspired to find a tree in remembrance of Lt. Boutte because of its symbolism of life and provision. “The tree continues to give life to so many of us. It cleans the air. It provides shade. It’s absolutely gorgeous. And these trees are witness trees. This tree has been here for 131 years. Think about all the things it’s seen in this little town right by the train depot that we’re trying to get back going again. So, yes. It’s one of our witness trees; we thought it would be perfect for Lieutenant Boutte.”

The tree is now permanently named after Lt. Boutte.

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