Tree damages home on Mills Avenue in Gulfport

The wind still proved to be problematic for at least one Gulfport home owner today after strong winds snapped a tree near his home on Mills Avenue.
It happened just before 11 this morning. The tree hit the roof of the Gulfport residence, knocking off shingles, damaging the roof and storm gutters on the home.
Residents tell News 25 it also caused their power to go out. Homeowner Lillie Lang said, “I have been so shook up. I couldn’t believe that this happened. It had to be very strong, slightly tornado or a strong wind because if you go around you can see it broke almost from the root. It took the whole tree. These are pecan trees and they been here about 80 or 90 years.”
No one was injured by the tree and the residents have already begun to clean up the mess.

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