Treasure Bay Casino and Hotel Hosts Self Defense Class

After attacks like the one on the Biloxi-Ocean Springs Bridge last year, some businesses are making sure their employees know self-defense to protect themselves.
Starting at 8:30 this morning and lasting until 9 tonight, a local MMA club and a Jitsu world champion held seminars in the Treasure Bay Casino and Hotel to teach self-defense.
Alan Belcher, a UFC fighter, says it is important for people to realize that no matter what size you are, or how strong you are, you can still defend yourself from predators. It’s all about being aware: “Having a good self-defense system and being able to defend yourself, you’re going to be a lot more confident in your everyday life and you’re going to be more aware. Awareness is the main thing that we teach in self-defense so the awareness and not being a sitting duck and not being a target are the most important things.”
If you want to learn more about training in self-defense, you can find Alan Belcher MMA Club on Facebook.

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