Traveler Holds Sign to Encourage Others

A man in Gulfport is continuing his mission to encourage others. Chances are if you traveled along Highway 49 today, you saw Mike Wright holding up a sign reading: “Smile, it’s okay.”
Mike Wright has traveled from state to state with his sign and tells News 25 he doesn’t know where he’ll be later today or the next few days, but the message remains the same.
Wright says after battles with depression, diabetes, amputations and a heart attack that almost took his life, he decided he’s done getting down about life’s problems.
Wright tells News 25 he’s happy to be alive and hopes to inspire others to think the same way. “You may have it mapped out and it’s like a roller coaster ride. You just hold on and go where ever it goes and right now it’s brought me to Gulfport, Mississippi. Tomorrow I might be in Arkansas or who knows where. I’m just enjoying life again.”
Wright is from Florida, but tells News 25 he traveled on foot from Texas to Gulfport.

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