Training for Trauma Emergencies

Bleeding out is one of the leading causes of preventable death according to AMR. Today, AMR was at the Long Beach Police Department showing them how to take immediate action in the event they are shot or stabbed on the scene.
The Mississippi Coastal Trauma Care Region made it their mission to arm all officers on the Coast with kits full of materials to help stop bleeding and knowledge on how to use them.
AMR provided life-saving training to these officers including how to properly pack a wound and apply a tourniquet within eight to ten seconds on themselves or a fellow officer. Manager of Clinical Education for AMR Bobby Marshall said, “This is being used to get people to not be afraid because somebody can bleed out in as little as three minutes. If someone gets help immediately, something as simple as direct pressure and tourniquet, that can buy them enough time so they can get to definitive care because most people that bleed to death really didn’t have to.”
The Long Beach Police Department is the first law enforcement agency in Harrison County to receive this training. AMR’s next stop is the Gulfport Police Department.
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