Traffic for Gulfport Music Festival

With the two days of Gulfport Music Festival combined into tonight only, traffic may be a concern for concertgoers as well as Cruisers here on the Coast.
Additional police officers will be staffed at the event which is expected to bring in thousands of visitors. Safety is a top priority, especially in light of Sunday’s tragedy at a music festival in Las Vegas.
Sergeant Josh Bromen tells News 25 the Gulfport Police Department trains weeks and months ahead of large events to ensure the safety of the citizens and guests. “We have a lot of planning that takes place weeks and months in advance as far as the site, looking at potential risks and hazards, and a lot of it has to do with just the training. Again, we had over 15,000 people last weekend downtown and we had no issues and we’re constantly training and constantly preparing for events of this size.”
Once again, the music festival is now condensed into just tonight because of the expected severe weather. You can visit their website to see a revised schedule of the performers.

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