Tourism Tax Looks to Increase Visitors to the Coast

Tourism is an important part of the Gulf Coast’s economy and a proposed tax in Jackson County will help more people than ever before find their way to South Mississippi as a vacation destination.
Harrison and Hancock Counties already contribute to the fund and the hope is Jackson County will soon add a 2% tax on hotel rooms after the special election later this month. The best part of the tax is that it won’t raise taxes for Jackson County residents, only those purchasing hotel rooms. Gulf Coast Regional Convention and Visitor’s Bureau officials tell News 25 the money will be well used.
“It will take us from about 3 million a year up to about 4 million a year, so it’s a signification increase and will allow us to do a better job getting the word out and encouraging more visitors,” said Rich Westfall, vice president of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau.
Renee Areng, the executive director of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau said, “Tourism is the greenest of all economic development. When people come here, they leave their money and only harvest memories. So, we want them to come harvest more memories and share them with their friends, so they’ll come and visit, too.”
The Tax must get at least 60% of the vote to pass. The special election is June 23rd.

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