Tornado Rocks Hattiesburg

The catastrophic storm damage done to Hattiesburg over the weekend is drawing national attention as the city begins their journey towards recovery. News 25’s Hank Davis takes us to the hub city, for a close up look at the devastation.

At least 4 people are dead, many more are injured and thousands are without power after what experts estimate to be an ef-3 tornado touches down in Hattiesburg.

“I issued a declaration of a state of emergency for those affected counties so that we might be able to move assets in to provide additional help and support.”
– Governor Phil Bryant (R) Mississippi

That support is sorely needed as people attempt to piece together their lives in and around the area of impact. Edward Street, a neighborhood that was near the epicenter of the devastation, is almost completely wiped out. That’s where I met Daryll McMorris. With mere seconds to react he and his family were completely buried underneath this pile of rubble that they used to call home.

“We were right back there, actually underneath that rubble.. And we dug our way out, and i pushed and twist and I passed them one child at a time and then i got out. It was like when i popped out through one of the openings over there, me and her and the kids looked around and it was like nothing.. Like disaster.. Just like some kind of bomb just went off and blew everything up.”
– Darryl McMorris

“So in just a matter of moments your entire neighborhood was devastated? Gone!.. Gone.. In a matter i’d say within 30 or 40 seconds this was like..(gesture).”
– Hank Davis News 25, and Darryl McMorris

“While we were laying there and stuff was falling on us and being tossed around and you could actually see things just.. And all of the sudden it just stopped.”
– Darryl McMorris

But make no mistake the destructive tornado’s path didn’t end there…

“Some of the worst damage from the storm happened right here on William Carey University, where students had to flee for their lives as an EF-3 tornado ripped their dorms apart.”
– Hank Davis News 25

“I woke up to being hit in the face by sand.. Part of the roof had come off of Ross and hit my window and the window above me, so like there’s literally like a roof… Half of a roof in my room. So people were really just trying to get out of their rooms and you could hear like the flooding once it started.. I don’t ever want to go through another one.”
– Jaden Russell, Freshman Student Athlete At William Carey University

Thankfully no fatalities occurred on the William Carey Campus, but now the university and the entire city have a long road to recovery ahead of them.

In Hattiesburg, Hank Davis News 25.

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