Tornado aftermath in Tupelo

Cleanup continues over in Tupelo after a tornado touched down in several parts of the city Sunday night.

The tornado hit Tupelo around 10 p.m., downing powerlines and trees while causing significant damage to some homes.

Several homes along Elvis Presley Drive were among the hardest hit with roofs torn off and other structural damage.

Leigh Hickman was at her home with her child when the sirens went off and the tornado touched down along her street. “Hail started and by that time, you could hear it, tearing up, everywhere, everywhere, me and my baby were in the bathroom, hunkered down, and praying. My car got shifted sideways, it was like, the things in the backyard are in the front yard and the things in the front yard are in the back yard.”

Damage was also reported throughout the Park Hill neighborhood and in Highland Circle, the first planned neighborhood development in Tupelo.

Tupelo police and fire were out all night making sure everyone was safe.

Tupelo Water and Light and public works were clearing trees and other debris from streets.

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