Tommy Toddler Invention Helps Potty Train Boys

If you have kids, you know how difficult potty training can be, especially for boys.
A Wyoming mother of two has invented a way to help your little man aim better. Missing, splashing, hitting the wall, if you have a son, this might be familiar to you. But Elisha Brown has invented a way to solve that problem for good. It’s called the Tommy Toddler.
Elisha Brown, the inventor of the Tommy Toddler, said, “When I was potty training my son, he got sitting on the toilet down, but he decided it would be fun to pee on my wall.”
The dome shaped cover sits on the back of the toilet when both lids of the toilet are up; it has a bull’s-eye attached to the dome by a plastic arm-piece. Elisha tested it with her son Daxton and she says he was potty trained in no time.

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