Todd Trenchard celebrates 20 years of sobriety

Todd Trenchard, the executive director of the Bacot McCarty Foundation, holds a testament to what can happen after leaving a life of drugs and alcohol.

News 25’s Gabby Easterwood sat down with Trenchard today to hear about his journey and help him celebrate 20 years of sobriety.

An addict turned banker turned nonprofit executive director, Todd Trenchard has been an inspiration to many in South Mississippi. “Twenty years is just a date, but it is a milestone. It’s a reflecting point because you can look back at where you were and 20 years ago, I was in a pretty rough spot.”

And by all of his accomplishments, you never would have known he was at death’s doorstep 20 years ago. He turned to God on the banks of Bluff Creek at the Home of Grace in Vancleave, his 40th treatment center and he never looked back. “At the Home of Grace, I was the worst they had seen. I mean, I had lost all my teeth, drooling, weighed 129 pounds, bad. I did not come to the Home of Grace to get sober. I came there to die. When you’re in the fire, you’ll turn to God.”

Trenchard spent about a year at the Home of Grace battling his addiction. After getting sober, his next step in life was joining Merchants and Marine Bank as a consultant.

After years of banking, he felt called to do something more, that’s when the Bacot McCarty Foundation started in 2003, a foundation which he is now the executive director. He works to meet the needs of youth and education programs throughout the Coast. “The foundation has, what I thought would be a year or two run, has become tremendously beneficial to the community. To sort of be the person that helped drive that car, it’s been quite an honor.”

His journey, what he hopes is a testament to those struggling with drugs or alcohol, comes with being a light for those addicts and showing them how to deal with the demons they hold inside. “When you’re sober as long as I have been and others have been, you get calls all the time because you’re well known. I know how the person feels out there. I know the hopelessness that they feel and I can reach them and others can reach them when no one else can.”

Now, two decades later without a single drop of alcohol, he still has inspiring memories to hold onto from his lowest points, like a work roster from the Home of Grace where he wrote 20 years ago: “I shall make a difference.”

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