TNT Recovery Ranch

Chrystal Paris has been battling addiction and alcoholism for 17 years.
After being in and out of rehab centers, she was about to lose all hope, until she found TNT Recovery Home in Gulfport.
"The one thing different about this place than the other places is the fact that they love you as you come in the door as you are, and until I was unable to love myself, they loved me unconditionally and told me how I was worthy of a better life than what I had been living,” said Paris.
The Christian based recovery ranch has been helping people discover that new way of living for more than 20 years. Now, that the county has deemed their current facilities are not up to code, they need thousands of dollars to meet code and it could all come to an end if they don’t get some help.
"We’re ready to get started on this building, and we are asking that the community and the different people will get involved and help us with these things,” said Tony Stapleton, Owner of the TNT Recovery Ranch.
"If this place doesn’t get this permit and we don’t get our new facility under way, like he told you, it’s going to be closed and not just myself, but there’s 20-something people that live in this ranch that also will have nowhere to go."

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