Tips to prevent and handle credit card fraud

Credit card fraud can happen to anyone at any time.

Here on the Gulf Coast, the Pascagoula Police Department is asking for the public’s help in finding two individuals wanted on credit card fraud charges.

Jennifer Stoakley is wanted for felony credit card fraud and Darius Ladd is wanted for credit card fraud.

In an effort to help you from becoming a victim of credit card fraud, News 25 reached out to Hancock Whitney Bank for some tips to keep your information private.

Director of Enterprise Fraud Management Doug Twining says there are two key points to doing that. First is securing your information to prevent fraudulent behavior.

The second thing you can do is monitor your bank account daily, tracking your transactions and statements.

Twining says you can easily do so by enrolling in online banking or downloading a mobile banking app, but if you do fall victim to credit card fraud, there are options. “It’s quick and the best thing to do is to contact the card issuer. Let them know that you have activity on your card. They have an obligation then to kick off an investigation and start the process to make you whole. There is some consumer responsibility in responding in a timely fashion.”

Twining also encourages signing up for personalized text alerts that way you are directly notified every time your card is used to make a purchase, which can help you catch the fraud in real time.

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