Tips to keep your healthy eating New Year’s resolutions

Eating healthy is one of the more popular New Year’s resolutions, but it’s a lot easier to make than it is to keep.

Singing River Health System Registered Dietician Ambrea Davis says she has a lot of patients come in at the beginning of the year looking to lose weight.

She helps them do this through many different ways, including asking her patients to make and follow SMART goals.

In this case, SMART stands for ‘specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time specific’ goals.

Davis says if you ever stray from your diet, don’t give yourself a hard time and cause mental stress, just get back on the wagon the next day. “I would start out thinking what’s your main thing? If your main problem is you don’t really cook at home much, you always eat out and you’re on the go, maybe start there. If your problem is you don’t drink any water, maybe start there. So, just think about what’s specific for you and what’s your number one thing to work on and start off there. Once you get comfortable with that, whatever your main thing is, then you can start adding more things in. I would never say do everything at once.”

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