Tips to keep unwanted pests out of your home

As the weather continues to warm up, you can expect to see more bugs!

Around this time of year, homeowners start seeing an increased presence of pests creeping and crawling around their homes.

Carpenter bees, termites, mosquitoes, the American roach, and other insects are some of the many calls exterminators receive during the spring invasion.

Stark Exterminators say if your doors and windows are not properly protected on your home or apartment, these pests can find their way into your space, looking for food, shelter, and water. Stark Exterminators Service Center Manager Austin Key said, “Just make sure that the bottom of the door sweep at the bottom of the door is in good working order. Your gaskets around your windows are sealing properly, foliage around the yard, make sure up against the house is cut back so it can get proper air flow and you’re not causing a moisture issue.”

Key says to make sure you do not have areas around your home that collect water. This can turn into a breeding site for unwanted pests.

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