Tips to stay safe this holiday season

While it’s easy to get caught up in all the cooking and decorating surrounding the holidays, the Biloxi Fire Department says it’s especially important during this time of year to keep an eye out for potential fire hazards in your home.

The holidays are the leading time for kitchen fires with Thanksgiving and Christmas being the two leading days for fires.

Biloxi Fire Chief of Prevention Caleb Hudson urges citizens to not leave cooking utensils unattended in the kitchen.

When it comes to decorating for Christmas, Deputy Chief Hudson says to make sure to water your Christmas tree regularly or it can dry out and catch on fire more easily.

Deputy Chief Hudson also suggests to check light cords to make sure they don’t have tears in them before stringing them on your tree. “But regardless, if you do have a fire, just make sure you get out. That’s the biggest thing. We want to make sure everybody gets out of their houses. Make sure you have good, working smoke detectors in all your bedrooms, outside your bedrooms, anywhere you’re going to be sleeping at. And then you get that early detection so you can get out quick.”

If you have any question about fire prevention safety or are in need of a smoke detector you can call the Biloxi Fire Department at 228-435-6200.

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