Tips for fireworks safety on July 4th

We are starting to see fireworks tents and stands popping up, preparing for the upcoming July 4th celebrations.

This holiday is all about celebrating our independence with family and friends and closing out the day with fireworks, but the biggest thing to remember with fireworks is safety.

To ensure a fun and safe time, remember to keep water close, keep a distance after lighting, and read the packaging to make sure it is set up in the right direction.

Wilson Fireworks is big on safety and offers one-on-one time to make sure you are using your fireworks the right way. “If you come into one of our stores and give us about 15 minutes, we can spend those 15 minutes and explain to you what everything does so then you know what you’ve purchased and that way you go home and you’re happy with your show for the weekend.”

You may want to consider beating the rush and buy your fireworks now. This week, Wilson’s stand on Highway 49 in Saucier is open from 11 to 9.

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