Tips for caring for newborns during the COVID-19 pandemic

Raising children can be overwhelming, especially now for both new and veteran moms adjusting to the pandemic.

Singing River pediatricians tells News 25 that moms should continue to breastfeed. The milk contains immune fighting cell antibodies so if the baby gets sick, it will be able to fight it off.

All viruses are very dangerous for babies so to protect against COVID-19, make sure you wash your hands before touching the baby and individuals experiencing any symptoms are not coming in contact with the baby.

When visiting higher at-risk family members like grandparents, experts say they can still visit as long as neither are experiencing symptoms. Dr. Andrea Logan said,  “Your baby is actually not at a bigger risk of contacting the illness when you go to a store with the baby than they are at family gatherings. When you take the baby to the store you’ll have them in a car seat carrier and nobody will be touching the baby. You’re not going to have anyone near breathing by the baby. We actually have to be more careful when we go to social or family gatherings because that’s when we’ll have people touching the baby and kissing the baby and coughing near the baby.’

RSV and flu season are coming up and moms should maintain the same safety precautions they have for these viruses during the pandemic.

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