Tidelands Fund Applications Submitted

Harrison County has officially submitted applications for a list of projects they would like funded through tideland funds.
There’s a list of six projects the county has focused on. The two biggest ones are the Biloxi boardwalk and the new boat launch on West Beach in Biloxi.
Initial estimates have the boardwalk costing around $1.7 million, but that cost could rise if the project hits any hiccups once it begins.
The City of Biloxi has also applied for tideland funds for the boardwalk. The city and county plan to join those together for the project, but getting all of those funds to the Coast is no easy task. Harrison County Board President Beverly Martin said, “It’s very time consuming actually. It’s piecemealed. So you apply for the full amount, which is a couple of million dollars then you get maybe three or four hundred thousand, but that’s okay because we have to start somewhere. It’s better than not having a plan at all.”
Martin tells News 25 she hopes to start on the boat launch and the boardwalk at the same time within the next fiscal year.

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