Thunder over the Sound Air Show

The Thunder over the Sound Air Show returned to the Gulf Coast over the weekend for the first time since 2015. Although the weather was less than ideal, thousands made their way to Keesler Air Force Base and Biloxi Beach for the show.

Thousands looked on as some of the country’s best aviators made the Gulf Coast their personal playground over the weekend. Taking center stage at the show was the Thunderbirds who are regarded as one of the best flight teams in the country. Sarah Loicano with Keesler Air Force Base Public Affairs said, “It’s exhilarating. It’s heart-pounding, it’s awesome. Just to watch the things that they do, these close performance maneuvers, flying inverted, the rolls, the loops, the different formations, it’s awesome to watch. I get goosebumps every time that I see it.”

As if the flips and tricks from the airplanes weren’t enough, the Black Daggers,the Army’s parachute demonstration team, joined the show. The weather played a role in their first attempt, forcing the team to not be able to perform in the morning. Anthony Klotz with the Black Daggers said, “As you can see, it’s pretty overcast and cloudy. We’ve got to have at least 2,000 feet and still be able to see the drop zone. So, right now, the clouds are at about 1,500 feet which is fine. It would be fine if they were broken open and we could see the drop zone.”

While the weather damped the spirit on Saturday, the Sunday crowd’s seemed to make up for it. “We’re seeing the buses roll in. We’re seeing them full, people coming out into the flight line. So, we’re really excited that everything seems to be going smoothly.”

This was the first Thunder over the Sound in four years, Loicano says the Air Force should have plans to return in the near future. “It’s a lot of coordination and such. We don’t do them every year, but we are hoping that we can have this again possibly in 2021.”

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