Three Rivers Elementary student starts ‘Treasures for Troops’ campaign

A sixth grader at Three Rivers Elementary has started a ‘Treasures for Troops’ campaign that she hopes will spread nationwide.
Candice Gross was inspired by a story one of her teachers shared about her daughters experience serving overseas. Gross decided she wanted to help her troops by sending them care packages to help them get through difficult times. She shared her idea with her principal and teachers, who all quickly got on board.
Today, the Three Rivers Honor Society members got together to make valentine cards for the troops. They have also been contributing candy, personal hygiene products, and other items to ship over to the men and women who serve for our country. “I want to make it nationwide,” said Gross. “I want to help troops that don’t get things that they want. I want them to get the things that they can’t get from their family or friends. I want them to feel at home even when they are not at home. These men and women have fought for us, our freedom, our right to religion,” said Gross.
The students at Three Rivers Elementary have adopted troops stationed in Afghanistan. They have already sent them over two care packages and Candice Gross says she plans on sending many more.

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