Three Rivers Elementary honors veterans

Three Rivers Elementary honored veterans with a program and breakfast for parents in the military and civilians.

The program included patriotic songs and a presentation of the POW Table which honors the memory of the fallen, missing in action, or prisoners of war. The sixth grade students presented a gift and poem to the Armed Forces members in attendance.

Service members say it was special to see an appreciation for the military being instilled in children at a young age so they always know the importance of Veterans Day. Sixth grader Parrish Laiche said, “The veterans do a lot for us and for our country. I feel like they should be appreciated and know that they made a difference in our country and how they helped our country.”

Chief Petty Officer Casey Osby said, “It was very special to me and it was near and dear to my heart since I am currently serving.”

E4 Army Reserve Ray Williams said, “Enjoying the day for the men and women who fought and died for our country. I mean, it’s a blessing.”

The students also presented a check at the end of the program to ‘G.I. Go Fund,’ which helps homeless veterans. This check was from student and teacher donations collected over the month of October.

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