Three local centenarians living at Seashore Highlands Retirement Home

They came from different walks of life, a homemaker, a business owner, and a bookkeeper, but three women living at Seashore Highlands Retirement Community are bonded by 100 years of living and sassy senses of humor.

“I never think about being 100. I never think about being 100 until someone mentions it. They need to quit harping on our age, don’t you think?”

The saying ‘you’re only as old as you feel’ could not be more accurate to describe these three charming centenarians.

A century ago, many people didn’t have cars, World War II lay years in the future, and it wasn’t common for people to have electricity in their homes.

Technology has truly developed over the past 100 years, but Ms. Cleo has kept up with the hip new trends and even enjoys spending time on her laptop. “Sometimes I pull my hair when I’m trying to use it. I enjoy it. I wish that these technical things had come along earlier and I could’ve learned them easier. Now the little kids just play on them and tell you how to run them.”

Developing some new skills, but also keeping the same ones, Ms. Lois was the CEO of Maybelle Dress Manufacturing Company and now she uses her talents to make bibs for residents who live with her at the Seashore Highlands Retirement Community. “You can make a good bib in 20 minutes. Because you know, there’s nothing to it.”

Of course, some struggles come as you hit the 100-year mark, but that doesn’t stop them, especially when Ms. Bobbie, who has lost the majority of her sight, tries to play bingo. “I’ve memorized my card, and I know where they are under the B’S.. I-N-G-O. I don’t always know when I have bingo, but Lois will tell me.”

When asked about life advice, they went on about eating healthy, exercising, and not worrying about the little things. Ms. Lois even went into detail on how she managed a long life. “I’ve never said a cuss word, and I’ve never been nasty. I’ve never drank alcohol. I’ve had one little swallow one time and I passed out, and that was my beginning and ending of alcohol. Tell everybody that’s the beginning and ending!”

All jokes aside, these three southern belles are living life to the fullest and could not say enough great things about the Seashore community and the feelings are mutual with the staff. Seashore Highlands Executive Director Jennifer Persechino said, “They’re fabulous. They make every day fun. They’re very sassy, and they make life enjoyable for everybody around them. They welcome all the new elders that we have that come in and live here.”

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