Three-day teachers conservation education workshop

The teachers within Harrison County gathered to kick-off a three-day teachers conservation education workshop.

The workshop allows teachers to learn different hands-on teaching activities to incorporate for the upcoming school year.

The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality provided education grants to teachers. The conservation workshop is a way to expose teachers to the natural resources here along the Coast.

Teachers enjoyed learning about soil, water, wildlife, and fisheries.

Lance Middleton, field specialist at the Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation, tells News 25 how the education workshop will be beneficial to students. “When I do my presentations, I always talk about you know you have these kids that you can’t reach just by traditional learning, introduce them to wildlife, put that wildlife in their lesson. You capture that kid and that kid really takes hold of what you are trying to do and really puts forth a lot more effort in the learning process.”

The workshop runs from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. each day. The teachers will take a field trip to the Harrison County Farm for aquatic and soil presentations.