Threatening email causes concern for Biloxi Public Schools

Biloxi Public Schools received an email threatening violence from an unknown source this morning.
The email did not mention which school was being threatened or what type of threat it was. There has not been any suspicious activity noted at any of the schools, but the situation is being thoroughly investigated.
Superintendent of Biloxi Public Schools Arthur McMillian tells News 25 they contacted parents through email about the threat and did not have to put any schools on lockdown.
“We took it seriously. We sent both uniform and non-uniform officers to each of the schools to help monitor activities,” said Lt. Christopher De Back.
“Talk to your children where they’re our first line of defense and you are too because you got eyes and ears where we don’t have and if you hear something that you think we need to know please contact your school principal or us here at the central office where we can investigate and help make our school safe and our community safe,” said McMillian.
Law enforcement is asking anyone that may have information regarding this incident to contact the Biloxi Police Department.

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