Thousands of fans attended 45th annual CoastCon in Biloxi

CoastCon made its return to the Coast Coliseum over the weekend, bringing science fiction, gaming, and pop culture to life.

CoastCon made its return to the Mississippi Gulf Coast over the weekend, drawing in thousands of fans. Aaron Vanderkooy with South Central Droid Builders said, “It’s a very fun event for everybody to be able to come and probably do DND gaming, just come out and talk, dress up in costumes, and interact with each other.”

This three-day event boasts one of the largest gaming rooms out of any convention of its kind. Sci-fi and comic book lovers were able to interact with close to 100 vendors, visit panel rooms to compete in auctions, and learn creative costume making tips.

For Jason Turner Art, it’s a chance for him to share his joy with enthusiasts.  “My dad, when I was really young, like I was just two or three, gave me an old copy of Spider-Man and Batman and immediately I wanted to draw it. It’s been kind of my passion my whole life. So, I’ve drawing comics. I’ve actually got my own comic over here, The Ripper Gene, that I do. I still love doing it. I’ve just always loved the way the art and the storytelling are in comic books.”

For some, CoastCon has turned into a family affair. Steve Vanderkooy with South Central Droid Builder said, “I’ve been coming for a couple of years with my son. This is the first year we’ve actually been involved with a table. We’re with the South Central Droid Builders. We build Stars Wars Droids and Robots. There’s a lot of people interested in seeing BB8 and R2 and Chopper and it’s actually been a lot of fun.”

Scott Davis with South Central Droid Builders said, “Chopper, the orange top one, is one that’s dear to me. He’s like a third child. I was able to actually 3D-print him, build him completely from files that I was able to get online through some different groups. So yes, it it’s wonderful when you’re able to build something from the floor up, and actually walk around and be able to ride him around drive him around and watch people interact actually with him.”

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