Third Suspect in Cat Abuse Case goes to Court

The third suspect involved in the video of a cat being tortured will stand before a Jackson County judge tomorrow morning. News 25’s Kendra Turley caught up with residents along the Coast to hear how they feel about the upcoming sentencing.
With two convictions down and one more hearing left in the Moss Point cat scalding case, animal advocates are anxiously awaiting the court hearing for the third suspect Karmen Coleman. Jackson County resident Robert Malloch said, “You know everything is about social media and unfortunately when something good or bad happens, the cameras come out and it’s almost like an act of participant by itself.”
Coleman, accused of filming the viral video, has pleaded not guilty. She will stand before a Jackson County judge Tuesday morning. Jackson County resident Rob Recio said, “People just need to learn I guess about what they post and I’m glad they did do that so they were actually caught and apprehended.”
Members of a public Facebook group seeking justice for the abused cat claim Coleman threatened a group of people outside of the Jackson County Courthouse on the day suspects Larry Rostchild and Laderrick Rostchild were found guilty. Many were also offended by comments from Coleman found online following the incident.
A member of the justice group who preferred not to speak on camera says, “Karmen’s punishment should be the same as the other suspects. She willingly videotaped the horrible act while laughing at them as they did it.”
Other animal advocates along the Coast feel jail time is unnecessary, but do believe Coleman should be held accountable for her actions. “Should they do community service? Yeah, maybe for the next five, ten years, but for them to be jailed, I mean they’re already going to be labeled. There’s already going to be a stigma on them already,” said Recio.

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