Thinking outside the pizza box

A group of students at D’Iberville High School are thinking outside the pizza box, using a different method of cooking nachos to help think up ways to save the school district electricity.
These students applied what they learned about thermodynamics and heat transfer in Katherine Windham’s physics and chemistry class to create solar ovens made out of pizza boxes. Today, the kids used the ovens to cook up nachos, quesadillas and s’mores.
Tomorrow they’ll take what they’ve learned and do an energy audit of the school to find out how much electricity the school is using then come up with energy saving proposals for the school. D’Iberville High senior Carley Williams said, “We’re going to calculate how much it would cost for the school to use solar panels and see if that would be more efficient than using electrical energy already.”
Physics Teacher Katie Windham said, “Then they’re going to do LED lights because the school district wants to see how much it would cost to use LED lights and how much money it would save. Then they have to come up with three different other ways that they can save the school money, either electricity wise, energy wise, saving the water bill, anything of that sort.”
The students celebrated the success of their project with a picnic afterwards getting to eat all the food they cooked using the ovens.

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