Thieves target Finley Cemetery

A Gulfport woman says her mother’s grave at Finley Cemetery in Saucier was targeted by thieves. Now, she wants to spread the word and make sure the community does their part in helping catch the criminal.

“People are using the cemetery as a Walmart at night and just getting what you want and that really needs to stop.”

A week ago, Lisa James found six valuables from her mother’s grave missing including an angel, a wind chime, and a solar light. All signature pieces she says were personally chosen with love for her late mother. “These items mean something. We can’t hold our loved ones so we put items on their grave that connect us still.”

After the incident, James filed a police report with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department. She also went one step further in defending the dead. James tells News 25 she has now installed hidden cameras to try and find the thief. “If you steal off my mother’s grave, I’m going to catch you and I am going to press charges because this is ridiculous.”

James says after she found out about the theft, she posted on Facebook to go ahead and warn others. That’s when she made the shocking discovery that she was not the only victim. “One lady I remember her reply is they’ve been stealing from my son’s grave for three years. This is pathetic. This has got to be stopped.”

Now, the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department has committed to patrolling the area more frequently, but James says the community must also play a role in helping catch the person she says is committing a morally unethical crime. “We shouldn’t have to go through more pain. We’ve already gone through enough pain. If you know who is doing this, turn them into the police.”

James says it is not about the price of valuables, but about the sentiment behind them. “You may think these people are dead and they’re not going to miss is, but those family members that are aching and hurting and mourning, they are going to miss it. You hurt these people when you do this.”

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