The Nation of Patriots ‘Patriot Tour’ Stops in Gulfport

Today, the Nation of Patriots ‘Patriot Tour’ rumbled through the Gulf Coast.
The tour features riders from different Harley owners groups of Hog Chapters from around the nation.
News 25’s Bryan Kennedy was on hand when the flag arrived to the armed forces retirement home in Gulfport.
Frederick J. Peterson retired from the US Navy in 1962. Over 50 years later, he chooses to honor fallen soldiers in place of those who can’t. “You have to think of some of our veterans, they can’t get around too good. And they’ve worked so hard and paid the maximum penalty, their life.”
Harley engines could be heard up and down Highway 90 as the Nation of Patriots tour pulled into the Armed Forces Retirement Home.
Today’s stop is just one of a 100 day tour, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, honoring all of America’s armed forces, past, present and fallen. They honor these soldiers by raising and lowering the same American flag in one city in all 48 contiguous United States.
Steve Carrington, local organizer, said, “We do it for the love of the veterans, for the love of our nation, for the love of the American flag. The flag is what they live by every day. And to honor that flag in front of this audience, it’s a wonderful thing.”
The Mississippi Coast chapter received the flag from the Northwest Florida Hog chapter. The Seabee Honor Guard was also on hand to assist with the flag raising and lowering ceremony.
Carrington said, “Tomorrow, bright and early at 7:30 in the morning, we’re going over to Baton Rouge to hand the flag off to them in the same matter we did today.”
This is the 6th year for the Nation of Flags tour and the 2nd year it’s made a stop in Gulfport.

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