The Morning After

Could this tragedy have been prevented? Just one of many questions looming in the aftermath of the school shooting.

As News 25’s Toni Miles reports, a South Mississippi business owner alerted authorities back in September after seeing a post from the Florida shooter.

Nats of shooting in school.

“Oh my gosh!”

Heartbreaking and deadly moments on valentine’s day at Majory Stoneman Douglas high school  as a gunman opened fire killing at least 17 people, including teachers and students, at the Parkland, Florida, school…leaving people across the nation asking – why?

“Here we are. We’re the latest statistic on school violence, and as a society, as Americans, we’re failing our children. We’re not keeping them safe. Congress if failing us and the government is failing us. Something has to be done.”

  • Melissa Falkowski, Teacher

But could something have been done?

Were there red flags?

The alleged shooter, 19 year old Nikolas Cruz, a former student at the Florida high school –

Had a history of disciplinary problems…

And South Mississippi businessman Ben Bennight reached out to the FBI last September after reading a cryptic message on his blog site – posted by a Nikolas Cruz… As Bennight explained on a recent YouTube post.

“This comment said that I was going to be a professional school shooter.”

  • Ben Bennight, South Mississippi resident:

Bennight says he could not ignore that.

After a failed attempt to email the FBI, Bennight called a local FBI field office.

” The next day I had two FBI agents in my office, taking down the information, taking down the information, copies of the screen shot.”

  • Ben Bennight, South Mississippi resident

Just what happened since then remains to be seen, but the FBI did pay Bennight a visit shortly after the shooting Wednesday…

And national media have descended upon Bennight’s D’Iberville bail bonding company to get it from him straight.

In his YouTube post, Bennight sums up his thoughts on this tragedy sending thoughts and prayers for healing in the Florida community thousands of miles from here.

” I’m not sure that there is anything the fbi could to have done with that information other than keep an eye on somebody. I don’t know. I’m not here to judge.”

  • Ben Bennight via YouTube

Toni Miles, News 25.

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