The legend of Ole Miss captain Tim Elko continues to grow

Ole Miss baseball senior captain Tim Elko leads the Rebels with 16 home runs, despite starting 24 fewer games than Kevin Graham, the next player on that list with 14.

That’s just the beginning of the legend of Elko, whose story continues to write itself ahead of the Tucson Super Regional.

Seven of those home runs have come in the last 18 games after returning from a torn ACL just over two months ago.

Never mind the fact that he’s dropping bombs, the fact that he’s even stepping into the batters box without having undergone a surgical procedure is something Head Coach Mike Bianco has run out of ways to explain. “Yeah, he’s just really good. But enough is enough. Like, holy cow. It’s legendary. And as I said on the radio a few minutes ago – and maybe this is a different one for you – what seemed like maybe one of the biggest tragedies of not just our season but of somebody’s career here, getting hurt in early April, has turned into one of the biggest legends that we’ll all be talking about for decades. And so, we’re seeing it live, so that’s pretty cool.”

Ole Miss and Arizona lead off their best of three Super Regional series in Tucson at 8 p.m. tomorrow on ESPNU.

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