The King’s Christmas Display in Woolmarket

There’s still time to visit ‘The King’s Christmas Display.’ It’s one of the Coast’s most beloved Christmas traditions and it is located in Woolmarket.

The Krol family has seven of their 14 acres decorated for Christmas. News 25 spoke with Lisa Krol, who has kept the family’s tradition alive.

The display began in 1956 after her father bought her mother a grand nativity scene. Neighbors would visit and year after year the display would grow and grow.

After Lisa’s mother passed away, the display was closed for 22 years. However, five years ago, they decided to reopen.

It’s free and all they hope is to fill visitors’ hearts with a little love and joy. “So many displays that you go through, they are collecting donations or charge. Christmas should be free. My parents started it as a free display for everyone to enjoy and that’s how it will remain.”

The display is open now through Wednesday, December 28th from 6 to 10 p.m.

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