The first Safe Haven Baby Box is coming to Mississippi

A Safe Haven Baby Box is now in the process to save babies on the Gulf Coast.

Long Beach Mayor George Bass joined aldermen and Caitlin Kelly, who has been the organizer of pushing to get a baby box since August, signed papers to make Long Beach the first city in Mississippi to have a baby box.

The baby box will be put in at the Central Station Fire Department on Klondyke Road in Long Beach, a place where mothers can surrender their babies anonymously.

Once the baby is put in the box, it will sound off alarms to alert first responders who will then bring the babies to a hospital for medical evaluation.

Bottom to Top Construction already offered to build insulation for the box for free.

However, the city still needs help collecting $20,000 when it comes to other funding regarding the box. Mayor Bass said, “It’s wonderful to be the first city, but we want to be the example for the other cities, not just on the Coast, but throughout the states and our joining states.”

Safe Haven Baby Box Organizer Caitlyn Kelly said, “I’m very overwhelmed. Honestly, the fact that God put this on my heart and I just followed his mission and here we are. I just know this is the right thing for women in crisis.”

To help with funding for the baby box, click here. Once funds are secure, the box should be finished within three to four months.

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