The Coast LGBTQ Community

What’s it like to walk a day in the shoes of someone who is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender? It’s something some of us may never know, but recent headlines have thrust this community onto the front page and into the spotlight.
News 25’s Bryan Kennedy caught up with a few members of the Coast’s LGBTQ community to see what life is like for them on the Coast.
Sitting on the couch, living life together, that’s the simple life Bobbi Gray and Celeste Swaim-Gray say they wanted when they made history as the first same-sex couple to be married in Harrison County. So far, they tell News 25, they’ve been able to do just that. “I think the Coast is different because there’s a lot of movement. There’s people coming from all different directions through here or staying here,” said Celeste.
But acceptance isn’t widespread throughout our nation. One county struggling with this acceptance is Rowan County in Kentucky. County Clerk Kim Davis was thrust into the national spotlight recently after opposing the Supreme Court’s ruling and refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. “She’s free to believe whatever she wants to believe. That’s her right in this country, but to try to stop somebody from their civil rights, that’s not the way to do this kind of thing,” said Celeste.
Bobbi and Celeste hope the road that’s led them to their happy home will also lead them along a boring, but happy, life together. They also tell News 25 the road to acceptance begins with conversation. “Find somebody that is different than you, different nationality, race, creed, whatever. Just sit down and have a conversation with them. And get to know them before you judge them,” said Bobbi.

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