The Brightest House on Tela Drive in Moss Point

A home in Moss Point is lighting up the block with Christmas lights.

For over a decade, Ms. Jones has decorated her home in Christmas lights and décor inside and out. On all sides of her yard, over 30 inflatables and hundreds, maybe thousands of lights, too many for her to count, take over her lot.

She works on handmade pieces beginning in January and right after Thanksgiving the lights go up. Ms. Jones’ granddaughter Jasmyn Jones said, “She actually decorates for every holiday, but Christmas happens to be her favorite holiday. She decorates the most as you can see for Christmas. Everything that you see out here, she either hand made or bought and it’s been about a month’s worth of work overtime.”

Ms. Jones says she’s not even finished decorating yet. There’s more in her Christmas shed to put out in the front yard.

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