The Big Sky Ranch helps families keep pets in difficult times

An animal sanctuary in Folsom, Louisiana is attempting to keep pets with their families after Hurricane Ida hit the already overrun business.

In 2020, the Big Sky Ranch Sanctuary brought in more than 2,000 stray and surrendered animals.

This jump in intakes comes due to hurricanes and COVID causing families to no longer be able to support their pets.

Now, the ranch is making deliveries of pet supplies to the hardest hit areas. The sanctuary’s goal is to help families keep their pets during these difficult times.

The volunteers at the ranch are helping with veterinary care of animals as well. Big Sky Ranch Sanctuary CEO/ Director Catherine Wilbert said, “So, now you have people that need care for their animals. We have people who are trying to keep their animals, but they have no homes. We literally have phone calls from people who are living in their car with their animals that realize now that they have no choice but to surrender them.”

To donate pet supplies to the ranch visit one of the Love for Louisiana supply drive locations tomorrow. Times and locations can be found here.

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