The 2nd Amendment Sales Tax Holiday runs through Sunday

The 2nd Amendment Sales Tax holiday weekend begins today and that means no sales tax for approved items related to hunting.

The legislature added this sales tax holiday in 2014. It runs today, tomorrow, and Sunday.

Generally speaking, ammunition, guns, and archery equipment are eligible for the sales tax holiday. Miscellaneous hunting supplies such as clothing, boots, and animal calls are not eligible.

For places like Dad’s Super Pawn, this means an increase in sales over the span of three days. Dad’s Super Pawn President Kevin Riley said, “It’s a game changer for us and for everybody in the sporting goods industry. It’s a great weekend for us. It increases our sales just immensely. It’s a great deal for not only the public but for us, and we love being here. We’re having a great time. Y’all come down and check us out.”

This is the eighth year this sale will be implemented in the state of Mississippi.

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