Texting & Driving Ban in MS Could Come as Early as June

If you’re one of many who are tired of seeing drivers busy using their cell phones while cruising down the road, that will be changing as early as June.

The Mississippi Senate has passed a bill that will make it illegal to text or use any social media while driving. Governor Phil Bryant says he expects to sign the bill into law sometime in June. Distracted driving now accounts for more wrecks than drunk driving.

Gulf Coast native, Tenia Dedeaux, believes the bill is great for the State of Mississippi. She says, “When people are like driving and I’m walking and I see them texting on their phones, like they’re texting down on their phones so they could hit me, they could hit pedestrians, so I mean it’s good, but on a good side they could use a Bluetooth and tell people to call them instead of text them, because like five seconds later you could hit somebody and end up in a wreck.”

Mississippi is one of only six states without a texting ban. Local law enforcement officials hope to see the number of accidents in the state reduced once this bill becomes law.

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