‘Terror on the Coast’ Blood Drive

Vampires, ghouls, and goblins will be on the lookout for your blood October 25th at ‘Terror on the Coast.’

No they aren’t going to drink your blood, but donate it to save lives. ‘Terror on the Coast’ is teaming up with the American Red Cross to host a blood drive.

The blood mobile will be parked at Sideshow Props 2.0 from 5:30 to 11:30 p.m. In exchange for donating, you will get a free VIP pass into the haunted house.

Event organizer Donna Farris says every drop counts. “It’s very important to give blood. Most people don’t realize just how important one pint of blood is. One pint of blood can mean the difference between life and death. So it’s very important, when possible go and donate at your local blood bank or with your local Red Cross.”

You must register online ahead of the blood drive. Go to Redcrossblood.org and in the sponsor’s box put the word ‘TERROR’ when making an appointment.

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